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WIW: Spiked Bow Tie Doesn’t Make the Cut

So I was getting dressed for dinner and was about to head out the door…

…when I am stopped and questioned (obviously by someone of the male gender), “What? You’re wearing that out??”

“Why not? Am I Man Repelling?”

Suffice it to say, I end up taking off my tights and bow tie and changing into heels to become a little more man-friendly…

Ahh well…maybe next time. Sorry to have let you down, Man Repeller!

P.S. – Here’s a clearer photo of the bow tie. Loves.

Random old sweater and tights, Lanvin x H&M skirt, Izzue men’s bow tie, ChloĆ© patent leather oxfords, Prada heels, Baies Diptyque candle (my fave)

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One Comment

  1. O says

    The Man Repelling version is so much more of a ladyboner

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