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June Proust: Mark Cho

Your symbol of high fashion – To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan or follower of high fashion but I would say in terms of the most discerning taste, probably Antonio Liverano just because he has such a clear vision of his style that he wears himself and that he would put his customers in.

You favourite fabric – Recently, I’ve been a big fan of a deep, rich blue herringbone in plain worsted wool for suits.

Your favourite colour – Most shades of green, from lime to olive.

The collection you will never forget – I don’t have a very good memory for that sort of thing, but Drakes’ FW 2011 is pretty outstanding.

The style you most dislike – Cropped trenchcoats for men. There is no emoticon for this particular degree of dislike.

Your favourite fashion photographer – Although there has been a lot of backlash against The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, for being too “simple”, I still think he does a great job and if anything, his technique has significantly improved over the years.

Your favourite model – Takeshi Kaneshiro has a very nice air to him in his photos.

Your shoe/shoe designer fetish – Carmina for old-school European. Gaziano & Girling for new-old-school British. Koji Suzuki for pushing the envelope (but never too hard).

Your jewel/jewelry designer fetish – No jewelry except watches. Patek Phillipe is the only one consistently on the mark. Rolex has its moments. Vintage Omega is often wonderful but the newer stuff is quite loud.

Your favourite fashion accessory – Good socks! Plain or finely dotted.

Your ideal bag – Porter briefcases but only a very, very few of them!

The most creative designer – Not really sure, especially if you had to make me point to a particular individual. I think the design team at Sou Sou is pretty fantastic, though.

The most timeless designer – Naoto Fukasawa. He does a lot of stuff for Muji.

Your favourite designer – Michael Drake. Great taste, super nice guy and so terrific with colour and subtlety.

Your favourite decade in fashion – This one, just because I get to be involved in it.

Your contemporary muse or inspiration – There are many things I am influenced by, but there is nothing like being a lamp unto oneself.

Your historical muse or icon – There are too many great things from the past but they all should be observed in context.

The “look” you prefer for a man – Suit and boot yourself, but without being showy, unnatural, anachronistic or dull. It’s a skill that very, very few people are capable of, myself included, and it takes a long time to perfect.

The “look” you prefer for a woman – Natural, but with a sense of humour.

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate most – Ugly tie knots.

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate least – Uninformed arrogance.

What is your present state of mind? Coffee-high, time-poor, curiosity-piqued and forward-faced.

Your fashion motto – Be natural, but not sloppy.

Questions taken from Assouline’s The Fashion Questionnaire




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