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Oh Oh Olivier!

*Click in for lots more photos!

**I have to apologize for the photos. I just got a new camera and switched it to the ‘Dramatic Tone’ setting the whole night and that’s why it looks like my chest (and some people’s faces) has been burned in some of the photos. Never again!!





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  1. Samantha says

    The “dramatic tone” makes it look kind of cool! (Think pop art!) So awesome that you got a pic with Olivier!

    And now I’m so intrigued by your hair! Is it short on one side and long on the other? You have the face so you can pull off any hair cut!

    xo, sam

  2. Sundas says

    Not as luxurious as Thakoon but the ‘Ambush’ blue vevlet boots are on sale at Topshop. They aren’t on the website but I spent most of last night organising them into size and putting them on display, along with MANY others so I know that they definitely are! Faye :) www.fayebag.blogspot.com

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