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Sneak Peek: DIY Rag & Bone HK


I was so excited when I was asked to take part in the HK version of Rag & Bone's DIY ad 
campaign project, along with Cindy Ko, Danielle Huthart and Kevin Poon from Hong Kong; as
well as Da Meng Meng, Sammy Liang, Tian Yuan and Kung Ling Qi from Beijing.


We were given a bag full of clothes and a digital camera and then off we went! The result
of which will be exhibited at the Lane Crawford ifc mall starting from this Thursday at the
Rag and Bone cocktail with Marcus Wainwright and David Neville.


Go take a look and tell me what you think!!

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One Comment

  1. T R A C Y says

    TINA, this is awesome! Smile more :)

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