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January Proust: Sarah Rutson

Your symbol of high fashion – “High” fashion is a relative thing. I also believe it changes constantly, so it is not a question I can answer really.

You favourite fabric – Leather

Your favourite colour – Green

The collection you will never forget – There are so many for many reasons – either the actual show for an experience or the actual clothes. Alexander McQueen has given me many reasons to have a “moment”. I have cried tears of emotion and had goose bumps more with him than anyone else for show experience and the actual collections. I remember the show with the Kate Moss hologram and the music playing to “Schindler’s List” – it destroyed me – especially as the opening to the show was Scottish bagpipes, that also is a way to get shivers down my spine and the clothes, they were haute couture…

The style you most dislike – Too much vulgarity. I choose sensuality every time, there is a huge difference.

Your favourite fashion photographer – Avedon

Your favourite model – For catwalk, it is Karlie Kloss; for print, it is Mariacarla Boscono.

Your shoe/shoe designer fetish – Always Azzedine Alaïa, no question.

Your jewel/jewelry designer fetish – Eddie Borgo

Your favourite fashion accessory – A big cuff on my wrist. I tend to have a lot of those…

Your ideal bag – One that no one has!!!! Now that would be ideal.

The most creative designer – Again, it is impossible to generalize. I adore Alexander McQueen and Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

The most timeless designer – Azzedine Alaïa

Your favourite designer – Azzedine Alaïa

Your favourite decade in fashion – NOW or 1940’s. I am a Joan Crawford girl through and through – love all that 40’s Hollywood glamour.

Your contemporary muse or inspiration – Taylor Tomasi Hill

Your historical muse or icon – My mother

The “look” you prefer for a man – My man: my husband Andrew, he looks so sexy in a simple slim cut navy suit! I also love him in his vintage Levi’s. Classic and timeless, non-fashionista things for my man!!!

The “look” you prefer for a woman – A tailored jacket and shirt , sexy pencil skirt and a killer shoe. Hard to go wrong with that.

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate most – I am not one for tolerating faux pas in fashion. Would just rather not see it!!!

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate least – Ill fitting clothes. Uggghhhh. When a man wears something too big or a woman is bursting at her seams, I want to just take them by the hand and guide them back to sanity!!! And scuffed shoes. That’s pretty unforgivable. These are both two things anyone can and should get right, and that is not about money or fashion trends!!!

What is your present state of mind? – Slightly crazed, but never to the point of being unhinged! (I hope!)

Your fashion motto – “Own” your attitude and your clothes, don’t let the clothes you wear or define your personality.


Questions taken from Assouline’s The Fashion Questionnaire



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