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Manolo Was Here

Manolo Blahnik, the shoe god to top all shoe gods, was in HK...and in ifc...and I was not able to
meet him because of a tummy bug. Boo hoo!!


Mr. Blahnik was in town to celebrate his exclusive collaborations with Artel, Causse, Fortnum &
Mason, Connor and Olmetto on items made especially for Lane Crawford. Manolo Blahnik is also
relaunching 10 vintage styles from their archive (Who can forget Carrie from Sex and the City in
the Timberland high heeled Manolos?? I think Kim Kardashian also started making money by buying
these shoes with a loan from her father and reselling it on ebay! Yes, embarrassingly enough, I
know my pop culture). And in addition to all of that, there's still his SS12 collection to think
about! Whew. This man is a busy one to say the least!!


P.S. – Here’s a little more info from On Pedder about Mr. Blahnik’s space in the store! “ From February 2 to 19, the atrium of Lane Crawford ifc mall will be transformed into a uniquely designed space as a tribute to Manolo Blahnik. Meticulously crafted and curated, the space will transport customers on a journey into the designer’s personal world through an artistic display of his personal objects, inspirational pieces, and archive collections. An exclusive showcase of Manolo Blahnik’s archive shoe collection will feature 10 styles of specially selected vintage Manolo Blahnik shoes, which will be re-launched for this occasion and available for sale at Lane Crawford. Dating as far back as 1974, these precious archive pieces include black patent ankle tie sandals with red spikes, mesh lace up stiletto booties, and artist-inspired designs such as pumps à la Piet Mondrian and colourful, Alexander Calder-influenced flats. A photo exhibition will also be displayed within the space, and will include the debut public appearance of photographs by Mr. Blahnik himself, featuring rare, personal shots of friends such as Katharine Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, Ryan O’Neal, and Anna Piaggi.”


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