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31st Hong Kong Film Awards

Just had the pleasure of styling the book for the 31st Hong Kong Film awards. We shot it all over
February and March with Giorgio Armani as the clothing sponsor and Piaget as the jewelry sponsor.
I had amazing pieces from the Armani archive to choose from dating all the way back to 1985! It
was just delicious looking through all of that vintage!!


The actual logistics were one of the most complicated I'd ever encountered though, so every
single look had to be designated and organized ahead of time. I planned everything to the
tiniest detail, but even the best laid plans...well, never go according to plan! In the end
though, it all worked out and I loved every minute!


Hope you guys like it! Will post up individual portraits later!


Photos courtesy of Secret 9

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  1. PuiPui Fc says

    Do u have all the picture?

  2. Looks good. Who shot it?

  3. Tina Leung says

    PuiPui Fc Not yet, which do you want me to send to you when I do? Timon Wehrli The guys at Secret 9! CK, Alex Lam, B …

  4. PuiPui Fc says

    my client Shawn pls

  5. Chris Lusher says

    Great work! Love the cinema shot.

  6. SongXin says

    These all Great work! I Love the cinema shot.

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