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Chloé Alphabet – The Letter ‘I’

I was honored to be asked by Chloé, along with 25 other bloggers, to take part in a global
digital project revolving around the alphabet for Chloe's 60th anniversary. We were each given
a letter of the alphabet. Why the alphabet you ask? Well, let me take you way back to where it
all began...


Gaby Aghion founded Chloé in 1952. Haute couture was still the way of life at the time and
Aghion, not comfortable with the strict corsets and full skirts of the 50s, decided to start a
line for women with a simpler approach to fashion. Her first show was held at a breakfast at the
Café de Flore in 1956 and thus, Chloé was born. Because she found numbers too impersonal, she
decided to use letters instead to catalogue her collections. For her first collection, it was
called Collection A, where every piece started with a word that began with the letter 'a' and so
forth. This year for the 60th anniversary and the exhibition taking place at the Palais de Tokyo,
Chloé has returned to the alphabet, each letter representing a theme that makes up the whole
essence of Chloé.


I was given the letter I...I for Innovators. As I'm sure we're all well aware, Chloé is chock
full of those! Chloé's past designers have all gone off to do wonderful, fantastical things,
with most of them becoming household names. After Gaby Aghion, came Karl Lagerfeld in 1965.
(What a coincidence, I've been reading The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake and I'm right at the
point in the book where Karl Lagerfeld is designing amazing things for Chloé.) Then it was
Martine Sitbon in 1987, who is now designing her own line under the name Rue du Mail. Karl
Lagerfeld returns for another 4 years in 1997, and then who could forget Chloé when Stella
McCartney was at the helm in 1997? Phoebe Philo, a natural choice, took over in 2001, then
came Hannah McGibbon in 2008, with Claire Waight Keller (previously at Pringle of Scotland)
just starting last year. For more on each of these innovators, take a look at the Chloé 
Alphabet here. You can also check back as more letters are posted up and discover the brand
through the 'eyes' of the letters.


Curated and designed by Judith Clarke, the exhibition, Chloé. Attitudes, is on until November 18.
If you're in Paris, you must go see it!


Enjoy the images above and remember to take a look at the other letters at the Chloé Alphabet 
site here!

P.S. - BTW, prepare yourself for a deluge of fashion week posts over the next few weeks! 

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  1. Cecilia says

    Can’t wait for the fashion week posts!

  2. Ah! I love those illustrations, such a cool idea to showcase the different designers over the years with their collections.

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