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NYFW SS13: Jen Kao

My Top Five

Am loving this collection of Jen Kao's!  Kao’s work with prints and the clever mixing of textures
were on full display this SS13. Kao’s collection was Japanese-inspire and dipped heavily into the
sporty street feel we were seeing all over NYFW this season.  And to add to the Kabuki-ness, the
models all wore wooden geta sandals that were teeteringly-high. The pièce de résistance were
the prints towards the end that seemed like oriental autumn leaves blowing in the wind, but
on closer inspection were actually clusters of manta rays in migration. How clever is that?
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the looks that came out on the first few models glowed
in the dark! Too bad those and the geta sandals probably won't go into production...Booo!

Photos via Style.com

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