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So Begins New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013…

I love New York. I really, really do. I fell head over heels in love with NYC the very first time
I visited, which is why after university, I said "Bye bye London! Hellooo NYC!" As luck (or life)
would have it, I only managed to live there for a year, before things brought me back to Hong
Kong. And though I love HK too (it's true, I do adore it), NY will forever be itching at the back
of my mind. I will return to live there someday!


This New York Fashion Week, I stayed at the stately Warwick Hotel, which was right smack across
from the MoMA and a skip and a hop away from Lincoln Centre. Was extremely convenient and every
single person that worked there was nice. Pretty much unheard of in NYC, don't you think? Don't
even get me started on the huuuuge closet!! Loves!


Now let's begin NYFW Spring/Summer 2013!

All photos (except my Instagram ones) by Sean Lee Davies

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One Comment

  1. Blue says

    I love my cameos on this post… Such a fun fashion week with you!

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