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Tina Loves Exclusive: Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo

Isn't this adorable? Pandas are one of my favorite animals and I think they exist on this earth
solely to make us happy! No wonder why American contemporary artist Rob Pruitt always uses it in
his artwork and with this Jimmy Choo collaboration, it's no different. Pruitt worked with Jimmy
Choo creative directors, Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway, to create a capsule collection
consisting of 19 styles of shoes, bags and accessories that are launching globally today.


Pruitt's created a duo of angel and devil pandas to symbolize the dual personalities of the Jimmy
Choo woman: the classic good girl/bad girl. (I mean, don't tell me you don't have a bad girl in
you). He uses bright, bright colors, zebra print, lace, glitter, leopard print...basically,
everything that's right up my alley! Even the packaging's going to be different with bright pink
boxes, dégradé lining and angel or devil panda stickers. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff!


The video above, Angel Panda, Devil Panda, is a short animation directed and illustrated, by Jo
Ratcliffe, with graphic patterns and inspiration by Pruitt, to celebrate the launch of this
capsule collection.


You can take a look at all the styles here or even better, they're now available at all HK
Jimmy Choo stores. So go and take a look in person instead!  I'm definitely eyeing the Anouk.


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