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Tina Loves x Loewe

For their newest bag, the Leo, Loewe chose 7 bloggers from 7 different cities to work with,
releasing images of a different blogger each day of the week. I had so much fun working with
Loewe and we shot everything either in or around the Happy Valley racecourse near where I live.
I go jogging around that racecourse and love to clear my head there. Hong Kong is a super
hectic city as many of you know and having that little bit of open space just a few minutes
walk away is such a needed respite for me. Thought the colors of the surroundings went super
well with the yellow of the bag as well!


I was in wonderful company and enjoyed seeing how the other bloggers styled their Leo bags.
The other bloggers included Gala Gonzalez, Yayoi, Chiara Ferragni, Susie Lau, Faye, and Betty 


Huge thanks to Loewe! Thank you to my lovely Adrian. Thank you, Carmen, for taking these
beautiful pics. And last, but not least...thank you, Karen, for always making sure I look
tippity top!


Hope you all like the images! Make sure to visit the Happy Valley racecourse whenever you
visit HK! Kisses.


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  1. Nikell says

    I absolutely love how you styled that bag! Can you tell me who that pink top is by? It’s fabulous! (^_^)

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