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My Love Affair with Dior…


...began before I can even remember. For the longest time, I wanted to be wed in either anything 
Alexander McQueen or this origami haute couture Christian Dior dress (Yes, girls think about this 
kind of stuff and you'd be lying if you said you've never thought about it!).
This love affair though has recently grown into a full blown obsession with Raf Simons now at the 
helm. The first time I laid my eyes on his debut collection, haute couture FW12, albeit through 
Style.com, I instantly thought it was the perfect blend of Dior's DNA, its history and of Simons 
himself...all naysayers be damned! It was pure, refined perfection. 

I loved what Tim Blanks said in his review of Simons' SS13 collection, "According to the show 
notes—and Raf's own words—the key descriptor for this new era at Dior is "freedom." But 
freedom from all restraint ultimately leads to the excess of self-destruction. What we saw 
today, by contrast, suggested an appreciation of the power of limits. How much more inspiring 
is discipline than free rein." How true. Discipline and restraint in itself can be so freeing.

This obsession was brought almost to it's hilt whilst watching Simons' most recent couture 
collection this past January. He opened his first look to the The XX's Angels and it almost 
brought me to tears (if I hadn't bitten down on my tongue, I probably would have!).

Tomorrow marks the first day of Hong Kong's very own Dior pop-up shop showcasing Raf Simons' 
debut ready-to-wear SS13 collection at none other than one of my favorite stores, Joyce 
Boutique. To celebrate this collection, Joyce, along with 6 other of the most awesome 
stores around the world in 6 different cities, will be opening (or have opened as is the 
case with NYC and Milan) their very own Dior pop-up shop. I was invited to show you all 
HK's pop-up at Joyce and will be going tomorrow to see the set up and attend the event 
tomorrow night. Can't wait to see it and share it with you all!


Next week, we'll get to see what he's conjured up for this Fall/Winter 2013. Dior overload? 


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  1. Des says

    Looove the outfit! Toootally j’adore Dior too! :-)

    Been searching high and low for the python version of the pair you are wearing (hidden behind the fuschia pair) – is it already available in HK / Asia?

  2. Oh i love all shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

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