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NYFW FW13 (My) Day 1

What a first day it was for me with Nemo storming in to NYFW! I was not prepared and every time I
ventured out, it felt like a thousand needles pricking me all over (then giving me a good slap in
the face), especially having just arrived from sunny Hong Kong. Lost my newest MMJ bomber jacket,
bloodied my knee getting into a taxi, the heel cap of my Louboutin also got lost somewhere along
the way...the list goes on and on!


Thank goodness for the shows. Kate Spade brightened up my morning with its sugary sweet
concoctions, its accessories being at one of its strongest yet in my opinion. Tuxedo
shoes, anyone? Loved! Jason Wu was gorgeous with it's mullet-cut gowns paired with
cigarette pants (which inspired me to attempt that look right afterwards, but alas, I
might have to just wait for his collection to come out!). Blue of Style Intel remarked
afterwards that if he were a woman, he'd definitely be a Jason Wu woman. Yes, I'd have
to agree! Had one of the yummiest hot dogs ever at Épicerie Boulud, then it was
Monika Chiang's presentation with her hard core looks. Rag and Bone infused a bit of
pep into the day with all its yummy colored leathers and sumptuous purple satins.
Finally at Tommy Hilfiger, the men looked hunky dory in their collegiate-inspired looks.
Loved all the mixing of prints and especially loved the stripes running down the back of
all the jackets and coats!


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