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Jimmy Choo 24:7 SS 2013 Stylemaker

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I'm ecstatic to finally be able to share with you some exciting news! I've been chosen to be 
Jimmy Choo's Choo 24:7 Spring/Summer 2013 Stylemaker. Today is the global launch for these 
photos that we shot a few months back all around Hong Kong. I am so honored and flattered 
(truly tickled pink with glee!) to be a part of this and I am so proud to be representing 
Hong Kong! I hope you all like the photos and that I've done you HK-ers proud!


Head over to their Choo 24:7 site to take a look at all the past Stylemakers, plus upload some 
pics of yourself styled up in your Choos!


Hugs and kisses! Let me know what you think!


P.S. - Will do a WIW post with all the above pics soon as well!

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  1. Cath says

    Beautiful Tina!!! You have done us proud : )

  2. CECI says

    I just found your blog… and I’m so glad!! You have a great style!
    Nice pics!
    I’m your new follower!


  3. I love your ouftits!!! You look awesome ;)

  4. Grace says

    All the looks are so versatile ^_^ particularly the last one with the glittering HK skyline complimenting it is awe-inspiring X

  5. Karen says

    The photos are amazing!!! My fave is the last one :)

  6. Michelle says

    Congrats! The photo with the blue waist dress looks like something I would find in a magazine spread ! Keep it up, you have impeccable style!

  7. Loving the carven pieces! Tres chic!

  8. Carolina K. says

    Every single outfit is amazing! So loving the pics! Congrats!

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