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Where to Begin?


I have much to update you on from men's FW13 to haute couture SS13 to women's FW13, plus even 
some women's SS13! Yes yes yes, it might seem a little outdated to you now that FW13's out, 
but the SS13 collections are only now springing up in all the stores. So you could say, I'm 
really quite right on time!


It's funny how fashion works... I don't know how anyone keeps their heads on straight with all 
the different collections and different seasons (cruise, resort, pre, main, runway, pre-fall, 
this that this that this that)! Remember when we only had two seasons? Does anyone even remember 
that? Things were a lot simpler then, but as the great Karl atoned, it was so extremely dull and 
sad seeing the same clothes hanging in stores for months on end. If the pieces are gorgeous 
enough in itself, with pieces you can keep long after a season's passed, would you really get 
bored though? Do you really need to buy something new every week? Who knows! The grass is always 
greener as they say...


Either way, I love being a witness to it all. Keep it coming, I say! In the meantime, let me know 
what you're dying to see!


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