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Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013

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Seeing Raf Simons' second Dior haute couture collection a few months ago almost brought me to 
tears. Having all the elements (music, location, choreography, clothing of course, etc) of a 
show brought together so perfectly can definitely have that effect on you.


Arriving at the show location, I didn't notice it was right in front of me until someone pointed 
it out, as the whole box housing the show was mirrored, reflecting the surrounding trees in the 
Tuileries. Inside, there were beautiful bare trees and landscaped green bushes aplenty. I was 
told the flowers of the show would soon be appearing...


...And appear they did. The show opened with Angels by The XX (one of my favorite songs in the 
world) whilst the first looks rose from below (yes, pun intended. Har de har!). The 'flowers' 
for this minimalistic modern garden were the looks Simons' was presenting and bloom bloom bloom 
they did.


This was Raf Simons' ode to the humble flower. I don't think I've looked at flowers the same way 
again since...


P.S. - Apologies for the quality of the photos/video, but at least you get an idea I hope? Head 
over to Style.com for more!

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