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Venice, Venise, Venezia

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No matter which language you say it in, no matter how many times you've been or however many 
tourists there are, Venice is and always will be magical. Louis Vuitton provided a quote by 
French writer Michel Tournier, which I found so perfectly apt, "Going to Venice is like stepping 
into your own dreams." I have to thank LV for bringing me along on this Venetian adventure. I 
learned and experience so much in just three days. There is no better way to experience Venice 
(or any city for that matter) than the Louis Vuitton way.


In the next few posts, I'll take you through Louis Vuitton's Fiesso d'Artico, their very own shoe 
workshop outside of Venice. We'll go on an Instagram treasure hunt scouting the town, 'shoeting' 
their latest FW13 shoes, then take a private tour of the Basilica di San Marco. And last but not 
least, we'll take a look at the gorgeous new Louis Vuitton Maison. Come along with me on this 






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  1. Such great pictures!! I love your Louis Vuitton collection ;)

  2. Corto says

    Looks like you had a blast! Lucky girl!

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