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Fiesso d’Artico

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My trip to Louis Vuitton's Manufacture de Souliers was such an eye-opener. Everyone who knows me 
well (and even not so well!) knows how obsessed I am with shoes. Visiting this shoe workshop for 
just a few hours was definitely not enough time for me. I could have stayed for days! I now want 
to while away my summer in Italy just cobbling away at shoes aplenty. Who wants to join me??


Below are a list of just a few things I learned while at Fiesso:


1) Venice was the centre of trade of Europe between west and east, which at that time meant 
pretty much the whole world, so it was really one of the first modern global cities. 


2) Venice has always been where the best women's shoes were made as it was the centre of 
aristocracy and society for more than 1000 years, with the most amazing luxury goods and 
fashion coming through. The aristocracy had their summer houses along the river and 
brought their artisans along with them. When the artisans saw how much more space they 
had there, some decided to stay. And when the volume of shoes they had to make grew too 
large for their little workshops to handle, they moved just outside of Venice in the area where 
LV's shoe workshop is today.


3) Obviously there was no pavement back then and since the floor was just mud, women wore 

chopines, which were basically shoes with stilts built into them (I want a pair!!). Google 
them. Very cool!


3) Minimum number of steps to make the simplest pair of shoes? 150! Let's not even get started on 
how many steps it takes to manufacture a pair of heels. 


3) LV is one of (If not, the only? Need to double check this fact!) the few houses that 
manufactures both men's and women's under the same roof.


4) Louis Vuitton's shoes are 100% made in Italy. Every single part.


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One Comment

  1. 33 says

    very impressive! no wonder they are expensive; all the labor and more. And I thought they’d ship chinese labor to Italy so that they can claim made in italy LOL.

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