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May Proust: Fiona Kotur

Fiona Portrait_FW 07 (2592x3872)Your symbol of high fashion – Individuality and a real point of view. In other words, Diana Vreeland.

You favourite fabric – Brocade. It was the discovery of a warehouse of beautiful vintage brocades that inspired me to start Kotur, and it’s still my favourite fabric to make things in today.

Your favourite colour – I do love aubergine, a rich, dark, almost black purple, because it beautifully plays off so many other colors.

The collection you will never forget – Our first. A selection of simple wallets with zipper pulls that came in a whole rainbow of vintage fabrics.

The style you most dislike – Anything too perfect. There should always be something just a little bit off about a look.

Your favourite fashion photographer – Tim Walker – completely dreamlike.  Jonathan Becker’s portraits are really my favorites. His recent book, 30 Years at Vanity Fair, is a must read. He also happens to be my sister’s other half…

Your favourite model – Christy Turlington. Totally timeless and chic.

Your shoe/shoe designer fetish – My simple Alexander Wang black slingback pumps are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever walked in.

Your jewel/jewelry designer fetish – Marni – for the ultimate non statement, statement jewelery.

Your favourite fashion accessory – Clutches, of course!

Your ideal bag – Beautifully made, small, and with a big personality.

The most creative designer – Raf Simons at Dior is currently redefining how we do glamour in a way I really appreciate.

The most timeless designer – Yves Saint Laurent. There’s hardly a piece of his original collections I wouldn’t want now.

Your favourite designer – Currently, Phoebe Philo at Céline.

Your favourite decade in fashion – The 1970s. Opulent, a little over the top, and incredibly free spirited.

Your contemporary muse or inspiration – My friends. I really do look to them for inspiration for Kotur season after season and season after season, they deliver.

Your historical muse or icon – Diana Vreeland is a source of huge inspiration.

The “look” you prefer for a man – Brilliantly tailored, effortless and casual.

The “look” you prefer for a woman – Individual, opinionated and more than a little bit quirky.

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate most –Too much of a good thing. You can’t really fault someone for an ebullient approach to life…

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate least – No knickers. The fact than anyone knows what you are not wearing is just TMI [too much information].

What is your present state of mind? New York, New York

Your fashion motto – “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde


Questions taken from Assouline’s The Fashion Questionnaire

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