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In Love with Cinema

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I had the pleasure of previewing Chopard's newest Red Carpet Collection when I was in Cannes 
during the film festival this year. As this year was the Cannes Film Festival's 66th, Chopard 
created 66 new pieces that were unveiled during the festival. This year, the collection was 
dedicated to love. "Love is universal. It illuminates women’s beauty, like a beautiful piece 
of jewellery. The Red Carpet collection is thus adorned in shimmering colours, red accents… 
like the fire of passion and heart-shaped precious stones, one of my favourite cuts," says 
Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard. Above are pics of just a 
few of my favorites (how fun and gorgeous is the mushroom ring?).


In the Chopard lounge at the Hotel Martinez, there was also an exhibition of some of Caroline's 
favorite kisses throughout the history of cinema. I had a quick chat with Caroline about the 
festival, the collection and also asked about her first kiss! Stay tuned for that tomorrow!

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