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One of my besties, Catherine, moved to Vancouver to help her fun and food loving husband, Kevin, 
further the success of Notey (<--check it out!!)... And along the way, managed to find time to 
start her own blog! Stylerun follows her adventures through beautiful Canada. I love looking at 
all her images, especially when I'm stuck in traffic surrounded by a million and one (actually, 
7.202 million to be exact) people in HK!


Mosey on over there and take a look if you like beautiful scenic images, the great outdoors, and 
an active and healthy lifestyle in general!


...And I quote, "Be Active. Feel Good. Explore." Peace out, my friends!!


P.S. - You can also find her climbing up a mountain or jumping off some gorge on Instagram 
at @missstylerun!


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One Comment

  1. Cath says

    We love TINA LOVES too! We miss you! Please come and visit soon! BIG KILLER HUG!

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