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Copenhagen and Georg Jensen

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When I found out my sister would be studying abroad in Copenhagen, the first thing I thought of 
was how this would be the perfect chance to finally visit Georg Jensen HQ! I love the subtle 
sensibility of Georg Jensen's jewelry, watches, homeware... Well, everything basically. Love that 
with age, the pieces look better, but also stay modern no matter how many years pass. I think I 
was first exposed to Georg Jensen when a friend of mine in high school wore her mother's vintage 
rings to school and I was instantly envious.


Anyways, back to Copenhagen! Copenhagen is the quaintest little town, but extremely modern and 
bustling at the same time. I was told that in Copenhagen women are treated and viewed extremely 
equal to men. I love that, don't you? Of course I tried their famous open-faced sandwiches. 
Honestly though, they seemed like normal sandwiches, but with just one slice of bread instead 
of two! Anyone else agree?


At Georg Jensen, I was shown and taken through the whole process it takes to get a piece made by 
a very pretty and enthusiastic smithy in training. Everyone there was so warm and also so 
passionate about what they were doing. Definitely not just a job for them, with many of them 
coming from a long line of smithies! Next time you venture into a Georg Jensen store, just think 
about the many, many, many, maaany steps it took for that piece to get there on that shelf in 
front of you!


I can't wait to go back to Copenhagen again... Soon soon soon!

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  1. A really wonderful post, especially about Georg Jensen (looks like some really cute guys work there too). A very special place this is and you have shown us so much of the inside, not just the beautiful pieces.

  2. Heather says

    Love this post, Tina. Still have all my vintage pieces and looking forward to collecting more.

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