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September Proust: Inès de la Fressange

ines-de-la-fressange-pour-l-orealYour symbol of high fashion –

You favourite fabric – Linen. It’s ancestral, artisanal and über chic.

Your favourite colour – Navy blue. Fits everybody and embellishes automatically.

The collection you will never forget – The first one of Roger Vivier. Breathtaking!

The style you most dislike – Large shoulders from the 80s, very sadly it’s coming back!

Your favourite fashion photographer – Benoît Peverelli. Always fresh with movement and with a reportage type of feel.

Your favourite model – Pat Cleveland. On a runway, she was pure genius. Today I find Cara Delevigne really special. She is funny and chic.

Your shoe/shoe designer fetish – Bruno Frisoni

Your jewel/jewelry designer fetish – Marie-Hélène de Taillac. I always wear a square sapphire ring made by her. That with my Jaeger-LeCoultre men’s watch is enough.

Your favourite fashion accessory – The handbag.

Your ideal bag – The last one I bought… Hmm no , the next one I will be buying!

The most creative designer – Jean Paul Gaultier, because he rethinks classics and makes them new again. But Madeleine Vionnet invented the bias and now everyone uses it.

The most timeless designer – Yves Saint Laurent, because we all wear something from Saint Laurent without even knowing it.

Your favourite designer – Guillaume Henry at Carven. He is the cutest. Very sweet and smiley. A lot of my clothes are made by Domitille Brion of the ‘Soeur’ boutiques, which is actually a children/teenager’s shop !

Your favourite decade in fashion – The 30s. The height of elegance.

Your contemporary muse or inspiration – Françoise Hardy. Even at her age now, she is still so rock.

Your historical muse or icon – Jane Birkin. Nowadays everybody dresses up the way she looked in the 70s.

The “look” you prefer for a man – A uniform. But I love my boyfriend in his Margaret Howell corduroy jacket (even if he is not an admiral!)

The “look” you prefer for a woman – A flower print dress in crepe that’s open in the front like in the 40s, but it doesn’t exist anymore!

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate most – Fashion faux pas’ do not exist. There is either ‘ugly’ or ‘beautiful’.

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate least – The plastic bra strap. Better to show a real fluorescent pink strap, rather then trying to fake that you’re not wearing a bra.

What is your present state of mind? I could have said plenty of other things and I am ashamed to answer all these questions as if I knew the truths to these questions.

Your fashion motto – Everything is possible. It depends on who does it and how, but people look at you and not at your clothes any how. So my motto is: Feel good and you will look good !


Questions taken from Assouline’s The Fashion Questionnaire


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