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Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014

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Nicole Kidman is Jimmy Choo's choice yet again for their Cruise 2014 campaign, shot by one of my 
favefavefave photographers, Camilla Akrans.


I am loving that green fringed and bejeweled sandal she's holding in the teaser video above. And 
all the pastels, the yellow python Anouk especially! Seeing lots of new styles (Oo la la, the 
Ari!) as well. Now to figure out how to own the whole collection without going into bankruptcy...


Nicole Kidman再次成为品牌Jimmy Choo的Cruise 2014的主角. 还找来我非常欣赏的Camilla Akrans担任摄影师。

我很爱那双她在视频里拿著的绿色流苏和有珠珠的凉鞋。还有所有柔和色系,特别是那对黄色蠎蛇皮Anouk!看到太多新款式(Oo la la,the Ari!)。现在需要好好安排一下,怎样可以拥有整个系列,但又不导致破产!


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