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H&M Loves Hong Kong


A little while back, H&M asked me if I'd show them around Hong Kong for their H&M Life City 
Guide. After many emails back and forth and lots of planning beforehand, Mårten, Stina and 
Erik finally landed in Hong Kong from Stockholm. For two days straight, from the crack of dawn 
to late night, we filmed at some of my favorite spots around town.


When you watch these videos, if you're not in the industry, you never really pause to think about 
how long a 4 and a half minute video takes to produce. Besides from the two days they took to 
film me, there was all the pre and the post-production, plus all the b-roll (such as the HK 
skyline at the start of the video) they needed to film as well. So I'd just like to say bravo to 
them and bravo to all those out there who work so hard to provide us with any visual stimuli!


Thanks once again for featuring me, H&M, and for taking such a huge interest in Hong Kong! 
We love it!!


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  1. Great video, I wanna see Hong Kong more then ever!


  2. Love the video, makes me want to travel there asap!

  3. AD says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it. :D DD Makes me laugh and smile (and cringe a little too). ;)
    See you in Palermo!!

  4. Kim Hyun Wook says

    I am from South Korea. Now I’ m traveling in HongKong. Places you showed me from H&M guide helps me to travel well. Especially, tomato ramen. I won’t never forget this taste.

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