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The Soft Ricky – London

RalphLaurenSoftRickyRedLondon RalphLaurenSoftRickyRedLondon3 RalphLaurenSoftRickyRedLondon4 RalphLaurenSoftRickyRedLondon5


During the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion weeks last October, as I traveled through London, Milan and 
Paris, I tested out the newest Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky bags. Men test out cars, women test out 
bags... I love it! Above is the red one I carried in London during LFW.


Super light and malleable with lots of room for my laptop and camera, plus the requisite pocket 
on the inside (I love me my pockets. Pockets in bags, pockets in skirts. Pockets are needed!). 
It also holds it shape, even after all the lugging about of my gear. What I most love are all 
the yummy colors it comes in. Next week, I'll show you the one I carried around in Milano!


Cheerio, chaps!


For all things Soft Ricky, click here!


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One Comment

  1. Pat Lyttle says

    Nice enough arm candy there Tina. Think I’d like blue or purple to view more than the red. Didn’t Moschino do something very similar to this a year or so back. Next time you’re in London let me know. Oh you need to do more videos. More Tina can’t be bad.

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