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Miu Miu’s Muta


I received an email yesterday from Miu Miu announcing the premiere in NY of their newest short film, 
So Yong Kim's 'Spark and Light', the 7th in their Women's Tales series... and thought to myself, the 
7th?? How has time passed so quickly? I only honestly remember watching the very first one ('The 
Powder Room' by Zoe Cassavetes) and it felt like just a year or so ago!


I started clicking through the different films and came upon this one, Marta, by Argentinean 
Lucrecia Martel. Muta means both 'transformation' and 'mute' and I quote from their site, 
'is a beautiful and cryptic portrayal of an all female world of symbolism, hidden meaning 
and intrigue.' 'Cryptic' it definitely was, to the point of it being quite eery and 
slightly disturbing. 'Beautiful'? Oh yes, and more... I always love a heady mix of beauty 
with the peculiar, don't you?


Anyways, enough yapping from me. Just wanted to share with you what I thought was a lovely 
combination of film and fashion!


Ms. Prada, can Hong Kong do the next one pretty please?


Take a look through the rest of Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales here.





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