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Chanel Shopping Center Extravaganza

The official full 14 minute version:  

The shorter 4 minute version for all you ADDs out there:

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Interviews (Rihanna, Keira, Huo Huo darling):

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Interview with King Karl:  

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Random Clip from Paris Modes TV:


The Chanel supermarché was pure fun, fun fun!! This lifted everyone's spirits back up and brightened 
up our mornings! So much was going on that I could barely concentrate on the clothes, with models 
buzzing about here and there and just so, so much to see. Tony Chambers put it perfectly, "We were 
like kids in a candy store!!"


Will post up more from the past couple of months (men's, couture, women's) in a little bitty!


P.S. - I only wished I took something too like the Chanel gummy candy (so cute, little Chanel tweed 
jacket-shaped gummies!!) or a Chanel door mat!! Was too much of a scaredy cat!


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