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Air France Madame <3 Selfies

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I had the lovely Giorgio, Virginie (check out her blog at Veepost.com) from Air France Madame (hands 
down the most gorgeous inflight magazine out there) and Olivia (amazing photographer who has her own 
hippity hip magazine, Please!) over chez moi whilst in Paris to shoot a couple super fun snapshots 
all centred around the idea of the selfie.


Besides from coming away from this shoot with these two photographs that I adore, I am also so happy 
to have met such genuinely nice and cool people. I love Paris!!


Thanks so much for having me!! Much love from Hong Kong!


Fashion Editor, Virginie Dhello

Photographer, Olivia da Costa

Art Direction by Giorgio Martinoli, hair and makeup by Émilie Peltier, assisted by Hermione Harbas


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One Comment

  1. Nikell says

    You look fab as always! I love the second photo the most (^_^)

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