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Behind the Scenes at Dior SS14 Haute Couture

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Dior Paris HQ, along with those in their atelier, descended upon HK last week leading up to their 
Dior Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture show on April 9th. I tagged along every day taking a few 
photos here and there, experiencing all that was needed to prepare for this... and indeed there 
was a lot that was needed!


First there was the casting, then the look that was chosen for a specific model had to be tailored 
to her body just right. Of course there were the hair and makeup trials and let's not even get 
started on the venue! The venue was built from scratch on the West Kowloon Cultural District by 
Bureau Betak (who are pretty amazing, I have to add) in less than a week. The invitations (and all 
Dior correspondence, really) needed to be done by a calligraphy specialist in their gorgeous Dior 
'font' (obsessed with it and wish everything was written this way!) and the seating...


All in all, a hectic few days, but it was certainly exciting and an eye opener! Post up photos of 
the actual day itself in a bitty!


Hope you enjoy!!


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  1. Weird that I find this more interesting than the actual show. Thanks for posting, reminds me of my days behind the scenes of shows.

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