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The Day of Dior

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...and what a day it was! I was up at the crack of dawn to style an editorial for Dior pre fall 14, 
then popped over to the Peninsula to change for the night's festivities. The morning started misty 
and gloomy, then turned into one of the most beautiful days so far this year!


I loved the modern take Bureau Betak and Dior took, using the classic Dior mirrored box and HK's 
cityscape to the best of their advantage. Projections of the atelier at work on the haute couture 
were shown against a cloth background facing the rows of seats. Once everyone was seated, the 
background snapped down in what seemed like a nanosecond to show the gorgeous HK lights along the 


All in all, bravo, Dior! Until next time!!







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