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Through the Calvin Klein Looking Glass

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Last week I had the pleasure (oh yes!) to explore the whole Calvin Klein universe though the 
oh-so-seductive looking glass of an architectural installation built by Joshua Prince-Ramus in 
Singapore. This glass house was built at the old Kallang airport and in each room we saw a 
different Fall 2014 collection: the women's Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa; the men's 
by Italo Zucchelli; Calvin Klein platinum label, Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear 
by Kevin Carrigan; all the shoes and accessories by Ulrich Grimm; and of course Calvin Klein Home 
by Amy Mellen.


Singapore was hot and humid enough already, but it went up by a few more notches after stepping into 
the abandoned hangar, where models were voyeuristically exhibited in Prince-Ramus' beautiful glass 
structure. Hot hot hot! Everyone was peeping (well for me, it was more like gawking) through all the 
windows and jaws dropped when coming upon the naked (underwear precariously hanging off his ankles 
hardly counts as clothing) 'security guard' in the cctv room.


All fun and games aside (and yes, there were a lot of fun and games!), it was great to finally see 
all the different collections cohesively under one (very literal) roof in Asia. I'm so glad we 
finally have a Calvin Klein Collection store in HK... About time, I say! Calvin Klein Collection 
stores, besides from Singapore and HK, will also open in Kuala Lumpur in July and Bangkok in the 


This definitely will not be the last we see of them... Get ready for more Calvin Klein to come!





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