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True Blue Tod’s

TodsTinaLovesHK4 TodsTinaLovesHK2



About to head to Milan to indulge in all the delicious brands showing at men's fashion week...not 
least of which is Tod's! Here is my third Tod's look shot in Hong Kong from their Spring/Summer 2014 
women's ready to wear collection by the super sweet Alessandra Facchinetti.

 Pssst... Take a quick look at their newest Dots of Life Gomino site! You can upload photos of 
yourself in your fave pair of gomminos. How cute, no?

Ciao and see you all in Milano!!


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  1. Margaux says

    Those shoes are to die for! Between, you are stunning!


  2. Man! You’re looking absolutely stunning in this get up. You look like a Fortune 500 owner’s wife or something! (Lol) i especially love the colorway – the light blue off the pinstripe, and the red bag to set it off! Great pick! Great shoot Tina! : )

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