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Oh, Fickle Me This…




Oh, fickle me this... Fickle me that...


I have been so hesitant -- no, scratch that -- I have actually been actively avoiding coming back 
here and updating. You know when hobbies start to become work and though that might be the most 
enjoyable type of 'work', to do what you enjoy for a living... The pressure to get everything 
just right was getting too much. Though I absolutely adore my collaborations with brands (so much 
fun!), plus all the other things I do here on Tina Loves, it started getting to be all about 
that instead of why I started this in the first place, which was to have a place to express 
myself creatively outside of my 'full-time' job, styling. I guess what I was feeling was 
claustrophobia. Does that even make sense? Do feelings ever really make any logical sense?


This site is long over due for a tune up! I will be updating this site, updating the logo, evolving 
it as I have been evolving these past few years, but for now...


BLAH Blah blah BLAH. La la LA dee daaaa!!


There. That's me taking this site back. Writing and posting about absolutely nothing, just because I 
want to. It frees everything back up again, doesn't it.





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