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Pradasphere Hong Kong

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"Prada: A cosmos of its own composed of heavenly bodies set in complex orbit. A universe of 
contradictions and endless elaborations - noble causes and base temptations - where idealism 
meets vanity, intelligence meets passion, fashion meets fiction. Welcome to Pradasphere." -- I 
absolutely LOVE this quote... Don't you? Of course only Prada could say it is its own galaxy 
and not sound completely bonkers or dramatic of the slightest.


Pradasphere first debuted in London in May 2014 and made its way here last week, with the talented 
Lorde singing to a roaring (yes, almost to a deafening degree) crowd on opening night. Needless to 
say, the night continued on and was a bacchanal of a night.


To sum it up for you, Pradasphere is an exhibition (curated by Prada creative director Fabio 
Zambernardiin collaboration with Michael Rock and his studio 2x4) exploring the universe of 
Prada and its history through the use of archival objects. It is split into 6 sections:


1) Origins - includes authentic artifacts from the period that Mario Prada opened the first boutique 
in 1913 in Milan's Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II


2) Typologies - 6 freestanding dioramas in the middle of the room, each dedicated to a specific 
obsession: Modernism, Figuration (prints), Continentalism (European history), Excessivity, 
Animality, Femasculinity (crossover of the sexes, My new favourite word of all time, I've decided!)


3) Evolution - detailed Prada timeline divided into 'Fashion', 'Other Projects' (art, 
architectural and other special Prada events), 'Fondazione Prada' (Prada's exhibition 
spaces) on a long electronic screen


4) Specimens - a glass wall and cases of shoes and bags


5) Construction - floor-to-ceiling video of moving runway footage of Prada's most iconic looks 
organised by colour, plus table vitrines showcasing the more precious and delicate handmade textiles 
and innovative materials


6) Observation - a velvet covered screening room (EVERY thing is covered in velvet, I tell you) with 
a program of Prada's film/video projects with directors including Ridley Scott, Roman Polanski and 
Wes Anderson


There is also a vip room at the back with the most amazing views, a Pradasphere book, plus 
re-editions of certain shoes and other items that you can only pre-order from the Alexandra 
House store during the exhibition period.


I've pretty much summed up the exhibition as best as I could, without having you scroll through 
miles of text, but there really is so much more. Best thing is for you yourself to go down there 
to take a look! And if you don't live in HK, I pray Prada brings Pradasphere to your city soon. 
For fashion and history lovers alike, it definitely is a sight to behold...


Exhibition runs until December 5th in Central at Pier 4. All images are either mine or are courtesy of Prada.


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