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February Proust: Bryan Yambao

IMG_2615Your symbol of high fashion – Dior haute couture

You favourite fabric – Fur!! The first fabric in the world.

Your favourite colour – Navy blue

The collection you will never forget – Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis

The style you most dislike – Sloppy, grunge, “Heroin-chic”

Your favourite fashion photographer – Steven Meisel

Your favourite model – Natasha Poly

Your shoe/shoe designer fetish – Louis Leeman

Your jewel/jewelry designer fetish – Cartier

Your favourite fashion accessory – Confidence

Your ideal bag – Louis Vuitton

The most creative designer – John Galliano

The most timeless designer – Francisco Costa

Your favourite designer – John Galliano

Your favourite decade in fashion – 2000s

Your contemporary muse or inspiration -

Your historical muse or icon -

The “look” you prefer for a man – Naked! Au naturel.

The “look” you prefer for a woman – Eccentric

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate most – “Street style”

The fashion faux pas you can tolerate least – People who copy “street style”

What is your present state of mind? Exhausted

Your fashion motto – Don’t give a fuck!


Questions taken from Assouline’s The Fashion Questionnaire

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