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NYFW FW15 with Calvin Klein

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I had the pleasure of spending NYFW with Calvin Klein last season! Below is a translation (or should 
I say the original text haha!) of the above article in this month's Harper's Bazaar HK. For more 
photos, head on over to Bazaar's site HERE for my photo diary of this week!


Thanks so much for having me, loves! Until next time! Kiss kiss!



How do you feel about Calvin Klein the brand?

Calvin Klein is timeless, yet always modern. It has everything you would want, from something a little more serious, intelligent and studied like the Calvin Klein Collection to something fun, sexy and of the moment like CK Jeans. There is something for everyone.

 What has been the most exciting moment with the brand so far?

All moments have been exciting honestly… From first meeting Francisco Costa to meeting their digital team and doing that cute video during men’s fashion week. Every moment has been an exciting one and besides from all the gorgeous fashion and behind the scenes access, I think the loveliest thing has been all the people I’ve been meeting and relationships I’ve been building. I am almost to the point of gushing now, but I have to say they’re all awesome both on the outside as well as in.

What is your impression of Francisco Costa?

He’s such a sweetie. Just adorable. And seeing him work… Creativity and intelligence just flows through him like water.

 What did you think of the FW15 Calvin Klein Collection show?

I think it might be one of my favorite collections of his yet! This rock chick with depth and attitude… Just who I want to be. I will be wearing a lot of it once it’s out, just you wait and see!

How many times a year do you fly off to fashion week?

Four big trips normally. I fly for men’s and stay until haute couture, then come back to HK and fly out again for women’s. Both FW and SS. Then all the little trips in between to Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. I’m on the road pretty much every two weeks at least..?

How do you enjoy fashion week with such a crazy schedule? How did you manage to keep up your passion and energy level?

I have to admit it isn’t easy. By the end of the two months (men’s, couture, women’s), I’m like a broken record just repeating how tired I am whenever anyone asks how I am. But that is just so boring, isn’t it? I have to stop myself once in a while and look around and just remember how lucky I am. What I do is incredible and I am so lucky to be able to do what I love for a living. And when an amazing collection comes down the runway, you can feel the excitement and energy in the room and then you just think about it for days afterwards. That is what gives me the energy and passion to go on. I just LOVE IT ALL.

How many outfits do you bring for fashion week? What are the essentials?

I bring my favorite new things and my basics so that I can mix and match throughout the weeks. I am also very lucky to be lent looks, so that I don’t need to bring my whole house over whilst I travel. Thank goodness!

Essentials include all my toiletries, a curling iron, a great blazer, black leather biker jacket and a leather pencil skirt, tons of heels and clutches. And obviously my laptop and other electrical goodies!

Which is your favorite city? Why?

It’s still Hong Kong. Though I admit, I need to leave it often to appreciate it, but it’s where I’m from and that’s where my loyalties will always lie. Other favorite cities that are right up there though are Paris, Florence and New York. I can’t get enough of them!!

Do you see yourself as a fashion blogger, stylist or socialite (or other)? What’s the interesting point of being such?

This is a very interesting and relevant question. I, myself, have been dealing with this question for a while. Society needs to put you under a label or within this box, so that you can be easily absorbed and categorized into this vast world (or at the very least, easily introduced to someone else). I really don’t like labels or like titles, because I feel anyone can be or can do anything as long as they put their mind to it. And people nowadays do so many things that the old notion of just concentrating on one thing in order to be good at that one thing is a little outdated in my opinion.

Anyways, I digress. I can write a whole essay on this topic really, but to get back to your question… If you were to put a label on me, I think I would first and foremost consider myself a stylist as that is how I first started in fashion and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. I also consider myself somewhat of a journalist, writing fashion show reviews and interviewing designers for various magazines. I most recently started a blog to share my life with everyone and I enjoy that very much as well. I will be adding more notches to my belt in the near future. As I said, one can do anything and everything they want to do as long as they put their mind to it. Never say never!

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