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48 Hours with Gucci in NYC

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Except for the glimmer of what I'd seen during Alessandro Michele's FW15 women's show for Gucci last 
MFW, I did not know what to expect for his first Cruise show, which was held in NYC last week...


... And what we all got was a mouthful and so much more. If FW15 was the appetizer whetting our 
taste buds, Cruise 2016 was the meaty main and the sweet, sweet desserts we never knew we wanted 
until it was presented right in front of us. There was so much going on (in the best possible way), 
that upon closer look backstage, you noticed another layer...and another, almost like the peeling 
of an onion (without the sting, of course). I was told that the collection spun off of the idea of 
finding delicate embroidered bits and bobs from the depths of your grandmama's closet and then 
updating it with a twist to fit into your present day wardrobe. It was fresh. It was romantic. It 
was intelligent and delightfully eccentric.


If  'anarchy in fashion means creativity' (as I quote from the press release) then yes, bring it on. 
Bring it on, I say!


Psst. My top 8 looks are below, plus Glen Luchford's Gucci Cruise 2016 mini film. Kiss kiss!



This 4 minute film starts off warm, romantic, nostalgic... Like the first day of summer. Made me 
yearn for that feeling you get when you experience your very first love. Then you start seeing 
parts of lower Manhattan, the bodyguards at the show venue, the guests and this jars... as if the 
two protagonists in the film were plucked out from a pot of molasses and then randomly sewn back 
in to modern day NYC. Makes me wonder what will happen next..?


P.S. - Will post up backstage photos from the show and more on Monday! Much love from one of my 
favorite cities in the world! Ta!!


Video courtesy of Gucci. Directed by Glen Luchford. Music by Collectress.

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