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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016

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Like pretty much everything done under the LVMH umbrella, the trip for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 
show held in Palm Springs was executed picture perfectly from arrival to departure (drivers were 
even hired from all over and put up in Palm Springs for those few days to make sure all guests 
travelled with ease). It was my first time to Palm Springs and was a wonderful introduction to the 
quaintest town, which is so much more complex than just palm trees and Coachella.


Held at the Bob and Dolores Hope estate, this John Lautner-designed gorgeousness of a wonder with 
its thick concrete walls in soft soaring shapes, glass windows and lush greenery complemented 
perfectly with the collection. The first thing that came to mind (and the first thing on 
everyone's lips) was Ghesquière's change in silhouette. Everything took a turn towards the 
romantic and nostalgic and, for me, mirrored the property.  The soft, breezy floor-length dresses 
reminded me of the smooth round corners and lush greenery. The oversized, rivet-strewn harness 
parts of the looks, stiff futuristic jackets and thick stompy hiking sneaker boots were like the 
thick sturdy concrete walls. And let's talk about the leather... Yum! I didn't even notice some 
of the dresses were leather until taking a closer look on Style.com. That's how soft and thin 
the leather was. Above, I've assembled my eight favorite looks from the show. I tried to choose 
five, but there were just too many!!


After the show, we wound back down to the Parker Meridien where, after a buffet of the healthiest 
food served on the lawns, we were guided along a twisty narrow path, that in an instant opened up 
to the expansive lawn that made up the after party: LV-monogrammed photo booths, bumper cars, an 
old school gaming arcade with even a claw machine full of LV goodies. Grimes djed as we danced 
underneath the stars and it was such a beauty of a night, however cheesy that may sound! That night 
we revisited our childhood, let loose and were as carefree as could be...


Bravo, Louis Vuitton and team. Thank you so much for having me. It was truly, truly a trip to 


Runway photos via Style.com. Videos courtesy of Louis Vuitton.



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