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L.A. Orphée

L.A. Orphee L.A. Orphee L.A. Orphee L.A. Orphee L.A. Orphee L.A. Orphee L.A. Orphee


Photographer Socrates Mitsios
Stylist Tina Leung
Make-up Mel Daniel using Koh Gen Do
Hair Elise Welch
Model Erika Linder at Next Management
Location Los Angeles

Published in South China Morning Post Magazine (for full credits, click here!), August 24, 2015

P.S. – I kind of love what Socrates wrote to accompany this shoot… Have copied it word for word below:

Loosely based on the 1950 film Orphée by Jean Cocteau…

A poet and 2 motorcycle riders are led by a Princess. The Princess, later to be revealed as the Princess of Death, guides her subjects into a trance-like state and leads them to an ornate mirror of gold.  One by one they stare into the mirror, transfixed, until they suddenly fall into the mirror. The Princess follows them as they re-emerge in the environs of a ruined chateau, a landscape of desolation and elegance. Orphée is a classic of surrealist style and elegant chic. Mixing a world of symbols and meaning with a higher order of aesthetics.

In our shoot, we mix this feeling of ornate desolation and narcissism. Part iconic pop, and part elegant-scifi, our protagonist struggles to orient herself, in an alien-like world. Having disappeared into her mirror of gold she re-emerges in this, our unique version of L.A.


Night night, HK! À demain!





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One Comment

  1. Valentina says

    This campaign is simply gorgeous, I love every photo. Green metallic dress is killer cool!

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